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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Awesome Job Jordan Todd!

Jordan hosted a talk at the 2018 Biomedical Engineering Society about her research in synthetic platelets reducing neuroinflammation in experimental traumatic brain injury. Presenting in front of so many fellow researchers is no easy task. Great job Jordan!

Briana Presents at NeuroTrauma in Toronto!

Briana expertly presented her traumatic brain injury phage display research at the NeuroTrauma conference in Toronto. Her research gathered both new and familiar faces from the jam packed crowed of fellow researchers. Awesome job Briana!

Congratulations Kassy!

A big congrats to Kassy for successfully completing her PhD comprehensive exam! She is now officially a PhD Candidate. Kassy did a fantastic job during the meeting and excelled on the written portion. Awesome job Kassy!

Congratulations Kassy on your Review Paper Acceptance!

Kassondra Hickey's review paper "Using biomaterials to modulate chemotactic signaling for central nervous system repair," was accepted by Biomedical Materials journal on February 7, 2018. Kassy's paper delves into the extraordinary potential of utilizing chemotaxis as...

Congratulations Briana!

A big congrats to Briana for successfully completing her Neuroscience PhD comprehensive exam/prospectus this morning! She is now officially a PhD Candidate. Briana did a fantastic job for the 2hr meeting!

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📢 Big news! The 2020 BMES Annual Meeting is now 100% virtual! 📢 We will hold a four-day virtual meeting from October 14-17. Online registration and meeting details are coming soon! #BMES2020

Excited to share the brilliant work from @bri_martinez100 where we identified novel temporally sensitive TBI targeting motifs #TBI #NIHhighriskhighreward @ASUEngineering @ASUResearch (1/5)

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