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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Stabenfeldt Lab

 Regenerative Strategies for Neural Injury

Each year in the United States over 1.7 million individuals will experience a traumatic or ischemic-related brain injury, with 350,000 persons sustaining a severe to moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) and an additional 800,000 people suffering from stroke. Our laboratory specifically focuses on (1) engineering novel targeted diagnostic and therapeutic (‘theranostic’) biomaterials for neural injury/disease and (2) identifying endogenous neural stem cell homing mechanisms after injury and incorporating such biosignals into tissue-engineered matrices. 

Moderate to Severe TBI

Annual U.S. TBI Incidents

Additional People Suffer from Stroke

Congratulations Glenna on Presenting Your FURI Poster!

Great job presenting your FURI poster Glenna! She presented her research on optimizing recombinant protein production for domain antibodies. She delves into the difficulties of producing fully bioreactive antibody fragments in a relatively new bacterial based protein...
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Congratulations Kami for Being Selected for FURI 2019!

Being accepted into FURI is no easy task, but Kami has successfully beaten the competition and is now enrolled in FURI 2019. Awesome job Kami!
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Congratulations to Briana for presenting her research at the ASU Neuroscience Research Seminar

Congratulations to Briana for expertly presenting her research on phage-based biomarker discovery for complex neural pathologies at the ASU Neuroscience Research Seminar. Great job Briana!
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Awesome Job Jordan Todd!

Jordan hosted a talk at the 2018 Biomedical Engineering Society about her research in synthetic platelets reducing neuroinflammation in experimental traumatic brain injury. Presenting in front of so many fellow researchers is no easy task. Great job Jordan!
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Congratulations to Jordan and Kassy!

Jordan received a FURI travel award for BMES and Kassy was selected as a PIIR fellow (PLuS Alliance trainee fellow)! Congratulations ladies on these outstanding achievements!
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