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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Stabenfeldt Lab

Regenerative Strategies for Neural Injury

Each year in the United States over 1.7 million individuals will experience a traumatic or ischemic-related brain injury, with 350,000 persons sustaining a severe to moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) and an additional 800,000 people suffering from stroke. Our laboratory specifically focuses on (1) engineering novel targeted diagnostic and therapeutic (‘theranostic’) biomaterials for neural injury/disease and (2) identifying endogenous neural stem cell homing mechanisms after injury and incorporating such biosignals into tissue-engineered matrices.

Moderate to Severe TBI

Annual U.S. TBI Incidents

Additional People Suffer from Stroke

Reed presents his poster at the Arizona Alzheimer’s Consortium

Great job Reed!
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Amberlyn receives Dean’s Fellowship and Fulton Fellowship

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Sarah voted as SBHSE Associate Director!

Well deserved!
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Briana has a publication in Science Advances: Uncovering temporospatial sensitive TBI targeting strategies via in vivo phage display

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Greg successfully completing his ChemE comp exam!

Great job, Greg! Not easy!
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Amberlyn presented her poster at the UK Molecular Neurodegeneration and therapeutic approaches

Awesome job Amberlyn!
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Congrats to Nazira on her new Research Associate position at Caris Life Sciences

We will miss you Nazira!
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Greg becomes Chapter Vice president for the ASU Society for Biomaterials

They are lucky to have you, Greg!
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Amberlyn becomes Chapter president for the ASU Society for Biomaterials

Couldn't choose anyone better!
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Congrats to our Spring 2022 graudates: Steve, Nazira, Kristin, and the BME Outstanding graduate: Jenny!!

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