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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Stabenfeldt Lab

Regenerative Strategies for Neural Injury

Each year in the United States over 1.7 million individuals will experience a traumatic or ischemic-related brain injury, with 350,000 persons sustaining a severe to moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) and an additional 800,000 people suffering from stroke. Our laboratory specifically focuses on (1) engineering novel targeted diagnostic and therapeutic (‘theranostic’) biomaterials for neural injury/disease and (2) identifying endogenous neural stem cell homing mechanisms after injury and incorporating such biosignals into tissue-engineered matrices.

Moderate to Severe TBI

Annual U.S. TBI Incidents

Additional People Suffer from Stroke

Summer Graduation Congrats!

Congrats to Silina for graduating this summer from her undergraduate program! Way to go, Silina!
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Good news for the lab: the NIH R01 (sex-dependent nanoparticle delivery) is slated to be funded! Looking forward to continuing this project in the lab! Thanks to all who contributed to the proposal/work: Vimala, Connor, Jordan and Crystal!
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SDF-1alpha Modeling Manuscript Accepted!

Congrats to Kassy for her hard work on the newly accepted SDF-1a modeling manuscript, "Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1a Autocrine/Paracrine Signaling Contributes to Spatiotemporal Gradients in the Brain," for publication in Cellular and Molecular...
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Congrats Kendall!

Congrats to Kendall who accepted a laboratory technician position at University of Pennsylvania Med School in Dr. Paul Bates lab, focusing on the interactions between viruses and their host cells. Best wishes to Kendall in the new position and the move across the...
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PhD Thesis Prospectus

Congrats to Kassy for successfully completing her PhD thesis prospectus!! Well done, Kassy!!
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Graduation Congratulations!

Happy graduation to Briana, Glenna and Jordan. Thank you for being a part of our lab community! We'll miss you and a proper celebration will be planned in the future.
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Faculty Women’s Association Award!

Congratulations to Briana for being awarded the ASU Faculty Women's Association (FWA) Distinguished Graduate Student Award!!! Well deserved for all your accomplishments and contributions to...
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Awesome Presentations!

Congratulations to those that presented their FURI/MORE/GCSP/MS applied projects virtually this year! Hard work has paid off!
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SBHSE Celebration of Excellence Grad TA Award!

Shannon Grassi earns the SBHSE Celebration of Excellence Grad TA Award! Well deserved, Shannon!
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Manuscript Accepted!

Vimala and Connor's "Sex-dependent macromolecule and nanoparticle delivery in experimental brain injury," has been accepted into Tissue Engineering Part A! Amazing teamwork!
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We are recruiting postdoctoral fellows to work on several projects at the interface of molecular engineering and immunology. Learn more about our lab at Please DM
if interested or visit: RTs greatly appreciated!!

Hello everyone! Next week for "Hearing from Engineers- SFB Talks to Industry Speaker Series", Padina Pezeshki, Ph.D. will share her experiences with clinical research throughout her academic career. Pre-register here:

See you there!

We're hiring! The postdoctoral faculty fellowships at UMBC are a neat opportunity to transition to a faculty position at UMBC or beyond. Please feel free to DM me with any questions.

Calling all @SFBiomaterials members - please cast your vote for the bylaws amendment needed to establish a permanent Diverisity, Equity and Inclusion Committee that will ensure DEI priorities are addressed systemically in SFB governance and operations

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