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 Regenerative Strategies for Neural Injury

Each year in the United States over 1.7 million individuals will experience a traumatic or ischemic-related brain injury, with 350,000 persons sustaining a severe to moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) and an additional 800,000 people suffering from stroke. Our laboratory specifically focuses on (1) engineering novel targeted diagnostic and therapeutic (‘theranostic’) biomaterials for neural injury/disease and (2) identifying endogenous neural stem cell homing mechanisms after injury and incorporating such biosignals into tissue-engineered matrices. 

Moderate to Severe TBI

Annual U.S. TBI Incidents

Additional People Suffer from Stroke

Congratulations to Dr. Stabenfeldt for Earning a Fulton Exemplar Faculty Award!

Dr. Sarah Stabenfeldt has been awarded a 2018 Fulton Exemplar Faculty award. This award is given to those who make impactful contributions to ASU's research, teaching and service missions. Dr. Stabenfeldt has continued to uphold each of these requirements through many...
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Congratulations Kassy on your Review Article Publication!

Kassondra Hickey's review article "Using biomaterials to modulate chemotactic signaling for central nervous system repair" has been published online and is available here. Amazing job...
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Congratulations Vimala on your PhD Defense!

Vimala successfully defended with flying colors and has earned the title Dr. Bharadwaj! Incredible work Vimala! We all knew you could do it!
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Congratulations Kassy on your Review Paper Acceptance!

Kassondra Hickey's review paper "Using biomaterials to modulate chemotactic signaling for central nervous system repair," was accepted by Biomedical Materials journal on February 7, 2018. Kassy's paper delves into the extraordinary potential of utilizing chemotaxis as...
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Congratulations Briana!

A big congrats to Briana for successfully completing her Neuroscience PhD comprehensive exam/prospectus this morning! She is now officially a PhD Candidate. Briana did a fantastic job for the 2hr meeting!
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