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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Multiple members of the Stabenfeldt lab contributed incredible research topics to the October, 2017 BMES conference at the Phoenix convention center.

Vimala Bharadwaj expertly presented her research in “Feasibility of Nanoparticle Devliery Correlates with Blood Brain Barrier Permeability after Diffuse Brain Injury.” Great job Vimala!

Briana Martinez presented her poster on “Phage Display as a Biomarker Discovery Tool for Brain Injury” to many interested visitors. Amanda Witten presented a similar poster on “Utilizing Phage Display to Target the Neural Injury Landscape.” Awesome job!

Although not currently working in the Stabenfeldt lab, Caroline Addington also presented her findings in “Improving functional gains in a skilled reaching task following brain injury through combinatorial nerual stem cell and motor rehabilitation therapy.” It was an incredible presentation and we all wish you luck in your future studies!