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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

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Twelve #ASUEngineering faculty members have earned the prestigious @NSF #CAREER Award since September 2019. More than 40 early career investigators in the Fulton Schools have earned this honor in the last five years. #NSFfunded

Three cheers for three amazing graduates! One PhD (@bri_martinez100) and two MS (Glenna and Jordan) whose impact on our lab community will be everlasting! Looking forward to seeing where life takes them... #proudPI @ASUEngineering @asuSOLS

(EC)Matrix Reloaded E-symposium #sneakpeek!

Please meet Ashley Brown @BrownLab_NCSU, who is also the recipient of our ASMB 2020 Young Investigator Award this year! She'll tell us more about #ageing and #fibrin. @UNCNCSUBME @NCState @UNC



Calling all neural engineers: submit your @BMESociety abstracts to the #NeuralEngineering track by May 14. Pleasure to co-chair with Prof. Gunduz @brainmappinglab. The @BMES2020 meeting will happen (online or in-person) so submit now.

If you're going out in public, wearing a mask could save lives. This @ASU research study illustrates the importance of this simple act.

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