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Check out our new paper: *three quarters* of *undergraduate* female physicists report sexual harassment in our sample. The most frequent kind? Gender harassment.

This is happening in our classrooms, labs. What responsibility can we take for changing the culture for our students?

Awesome FURI symposium today! Kami and Glenna representing the Stabenfeldt lab! #proudPI @ASUEngineering


We are recruiting a postdoctoral fellow to work on several projects at the interface of molecular engineering and immunology! Learn more about our lab at Please DM @WilsonLabVU if interested or visit RTs greatly appreciated!!

The Statewide Symposium in Regenerative Medicine will highlight emerging research in the areas of developmental biology, disease modeling and translational cell therapy. Register now!

We are recruiting post docs with experience in polymers, nanomaterials, drug delivery, cell culture, in vivo wounds and cancer models, microfluidics, organoids..expanding research into platelet and neutrophil role in various diseases. Email me at, if interested!

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