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Are you an HBCU student studying engineering or science? Have you ever wondered about how these subjects relate to materials for use in medicine?
Please join us on 10/27 at 5:30 EST for a webinar with our outstanding panelists --

Yes! there will be a BMES-UNITE seminar tomorrow (Monday 10/18) at 12p ET. Registration link to come soon so that you can tune in. Speakers are Diana Alatalo (UT-Dallas) and George Theocharidis (Harvard). Will be great!

WE'RE HIRING!! We're now recruiting for our Sept 22 cohort! Come join a diverse group of 4-year full-time postdocs in comprehensive training in research and pedagogy to be a successful PI! #sciencejobs #postdoc #postdocjobs #hiring #tufts @TuftsUniversity

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