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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Mid-Career Award

Congratulations to Dr. Stabenfeldt for receiving the Mid-Career Award from the Society for Biomaterials! It's a recognition of all the fantastic work everyone in the lab has contributed over the years. Lots more great research to come!

R01 Confirmed!

The new R01 (sex-dependent nanoparticle delivery) will officially start January 1!  5 yr grant!! Thanks to all that contributed to the project... more exciting work to be done!!

SDF-1 Modeling Published!

Congratulations to Kassy for publishing Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1a Autocrine/Paracrine Signaling Contributes to Spatiotemporal Gradients in the Brain to Springer! Awesome job!


Good news for the lab: the NIH R01 (sex-dependent nanoparticle delivery) is slated to be funded! Looking forward to continuing this project in the lab! Thanks to all who contributed to the proposal/work: Vimala, Connor, Jordan and Crystal!

SDF-1alpha Modeling Manuscript Accepted!

Congrats to Kassy for her hard work on the newly accepted SDF-1a modeling manuscript, "Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1a Autocrine/Paracrine Signaling Contributes to Spatiotemporal Gradients in the Brain," for publication in Cellular and Molecular...

Congrats Kendall!

Congrats to Kendall who accepted a laboratory technician position at University of Pennsylvania Med School in Dr. Paul Bates lab, focusing on the interactions between viruses and their host cells. Best wishes to Kendall in the new position and the move across the...

Twitter Feed

The 2022-2023 BME TT Faculty Jobs List is here! This is a continuation of the successful community-sourced database that I started last year. Collectively, we were able to identify over 100 positions! Let's beat that target this year! #BMEJobsList


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Anyone interested in studying patient-derived iPSC microglia in the context of C9orf72 ALS/FTD? We have a NIH/R01-funded postdoctoral position available. Bonus - you get to live in the most beautiful part of the USA and get to join a fun lab. @BarrowNeuro

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