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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Congratulations Glenna on Presenting Your FURI Poster!

Congratulations Glenna on Presenting Your FURI Poster!

Great job presenting your FURI poster Glenna! She presented her research on optimizing recombinant protein production for domain antibodies. She delves into the difficulties of producing fully bioreactive antibody fragments in a relatively new bacterial based protein...

Awesome Job Jordan Todd!

Jordan hosted a talk at the 2018 Biomedical Engineering Society about her research in synthetic platelets reducing neuroinflammation in experimental traumatic brain injury. Presenting in front of so many fellow researchers is no easy task. Great job Jordan!

Briana Presents at NeuroTrauma in Toronto!

Briana expertly presented her traumatic brain injury phage display research at the NeuroTrauma conference in Toronto. Her research gathered both new and familiar faces from the jam packed crowed of fellow researchers. Awesome job Briana!

Congratulations Kassy!

A big congrats to Kassy for successfully completing her PhD comprehensive exam! She is now officially a PhD Candidate. Kassy did a fantastic job during the meeting and excelled on the written portion. Awesome job Kassy!